Sunday, April 17, 2011

NYC - WFMU Record Fair 2005

The next day


Former boxer and sometime helper of Ozy. He needs his own movie.

This concludes my first road trip with Ozy. For 2 1/2 weeks we shared a van, a motel room and the same odd hours. We pretty much were together 24 hours a day.  I hope I conveyed a glimmer of what that experience was like.

There are things that are hard to capture like the improvisatory and magical nature of Ozy's life, a life filled with recurring patterns, coincidences, and synchronicities.

There are people, places, and things that I wished I had filmed; the cotton- filled air of the Mississippi Delta at harvest time,  the Katrina evacuees I met at every motel we stayed at, motels that had the identical sign at the check-in desk, "FEMA IS NO LONGER PAYING YOUR BILL."

There was a club in Austin, The Scoot Inn, where I forgot to bring my camera. Ozy was annoyed at me for that. But I got a second chance when Ozy invited me back on the road with him.

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